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Doug Hermiston, 2 July 2016

Douglas "Doug" Hermiston Senior, born (1939-09-23) 23 September 1939 (age 84), is the second husband of Marilyn Hermiston.

He has at least nine biological descendants, and 11 step-descendants.

Early life

Doug was born 23 September 1939 in Winnipeg.


Doug worked for twenty years in the army as a radio operator, including with postings in Germany beginning around 1960, where his first two children were born. He later worked in the life insurance field, and as a courier/operator.

As of 2018 he is retired.

Doug spent 20 yrs in army before I met him (he was married 18 yrs to Linda, mother of his 3 children). He was in life insurance sales, several other sales positions, and finally had his own courier company for a few yrs. From 1992 on he drove courier for a couple of diff companies. Retired a bit, worked a bit. Think he finally retired for good in spring 2001.

— Marilyn Hermiston, email to Michael Currie, 25 August 2019


In 1960, he married Linda Gail Shute (born 21 March 1942 in Chester, Nova Scotia), who worked as a manager in the food service industry.

With Linda he had three children:

Doug and Linda separated in 1970. (Linda later partnered with a Dennis Smith, who worked in Life Insurance Sales, and in the 1970s had one child with him: Whitney Smith.) Doug and Linda officially divorced in about 1979.

On 24 April 1981 he married Marilyn Currie. Marilyn did not adopt his three children because Doug's first wife remained a significant part of their lives.

Doug adopted Marilyn's two children from her first marriage:

Grandchildren and beyond

Doug Hermiston at least six biological grandchildren, all from Sean:

Through daughter Kim Hupé, and step-daughter Shar Telles-Langdon, he also has four step-grandchildren:

Thanks to Troy, he also has five step-great-grandchildren (the last two of which are separated by two "steps" since they are not Troy's biological children either):


Doug Hermiston in 2016 with some of his first family. From left: Leo Hupé, Kim Hupé, Seanie Hermiston, Louise Boddy


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