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Kimberley Leeanne "Kim" Hupé (nee Hermiston), born (1963-04-27) 27 April 1963 (age 61), is a Canadian woman.

Early life

Kim was born Kimberley Leeanne Hermiston on 27 April 1963 to Doug Hermiston and his first wife, Linda Shute. In 1981, just before her 18th bithday, her father married Marilyn Currie, who became her stepmother.


She has her Grade 10 + G.E.D. [1]

She has worked as a cafeteria cook.

Marriage and family

Kim and Leo, circa 2019

Kim married Leo Hupé. She adopted his two children from his previous two marriages:


Troy is married to Tamarah Hupé and has three children:

Troy also adopted two stepsons from Tamarah's previous marriage to a Mr. Herselman:

Trenna has two boys and is separated as of April 2019 from her boys' father:


Marilyn Hermiston