Trenha Hupé

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Trenha Hupé, Christmas 2018

Trenha Hupé (born sometime in the mid-1960s) is the daughter of Leo Hupé.

Early life

Trenha (pronounced "Trina") Hupé was born sometime in the mid 1960s to Leo Hupé and his second wife. Later, Leo remarried, to his third wife Kim Hupé, the only biological daughter of Doug Hermiston.

Marriage and family

She partnered with a man called James, with whom she lived for many years. With him she had two children:

In April 2019, Trenha and James separated and she is now raising her two children as a single mother. As of 2019 she lives near Winnipeg, 40 minutes away from Doug Hermiston, "on the other side of town".


Marilyn Hermiston.