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The True Family lived for many generations in Wiltshire County, England, until one of their ilk, one Henry True (1839-1910), decided to take his wife Ann White and move about 150 kilometres west to Maesteg, Wales. They had three sons and four daughters.

I can send you a copy of all of the historical information I have posted to date. The greatest depth is on the True family (your father's mother's mother's father's family - i.e. your great great grandfather) which I got from a second cousin in Wales who shares this ancestry with us. I am posting more material about them (e.g. pictures of Henry True's house - where Rose True was raised and John Cooke was a boarder when he met Rose - and the church where John and Rose got married, courtesy of Google street-view) and other ancestor's as I find it or think of it. I do plan to subscribe to when I feel I will have the time to really dig in (for instance, I found the marriage certificate of John and Rose with a free trial search). Interesting stuff but very time consuming.

— Bill Currie, email to Michael Currie, 2 January 2015


One of those daughters, Bessie True (1872 - 1933), married a David Luther John Griffiths (1872 - 1942) and had David Reese Griffiths (1913 - 1988), who was the father of noted family genealogist Dan Griffiths.

Another of those daughters, Rose True (1884 - 1961), was romanced by a boarder at her father's house, a man called John Cooke (1878-1950), who convinced her to make her way over to the Dominion of Canada [1]. They settled in Manitoba and had four daughters and one son. One of those daughters, Edith Lucy Cooke (1915 - 2003) married a salesman called Jack Currie (1915 - 2009) and moved with him to Thunder Bay, Ontario and had three sons. The youngest of these sons was Ron Currie (1947 -), the father of Michael Currie.