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Rosetta Agnes "Rose" Cooke (nee True) (1884 - 1961) was a member of the True Family. She emigrated from Wales to Canada. She is the mother of Lucy Currie.

Early life

Rose was born in 1884 to Henry True (1839 - 1910) and Ann White (1843 - 1906). Her sister was Bessie Griffiths, grandmother of Dan Griffiths.

Marriage and family

She married John Cooke at age 19.

With him she had five daughters and one son over a period of 23 years, from 1903 (age 19) to 1926 (age 42).

In about 1913, she moved with her husband and children to the newly incorporated town of Transcona, near Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Since 1972 Transcona is a ward of Winnipeg.) She lived in Transcona for the rest of her life.