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Flora Heylar, circa 1945

Flora Heylar (nee Currie) (1917 - 5 July 1973) was a housewife who lived most of her life in Winnipeg until she moved to North Vancouver in early 1969.

Early life

She was born to Alex Currie and Anna Snook in Port Arthur, Ontario.

Later life

She married Charles Heylar (1909 - 1993). They divorced sometime before 1950, when he remarried to Anna Vidal.

She was mother to a son and two daughters, all of whom moved to North Vancouver:

  • Lillias (born 1937, married Harrill Bjornson (1933-) on 24 November 1958)
  • Neill W. (1938 - 1997, died of cancer, two children)
  • Susan (born February 1942, married Brian Shoesmith (1931-2012), had two sons, Kevin and Mark)

She lived in Winnipeg all her life until moving to North Vancouver in early 1969.

On 5 July 1973 she died of breast cancer. By the end, the cancer had impacted her second breast, and she became depressed and overdosed.


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