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Lillias Bjornson (nee Heylar) (born 1937) is a Vancouver resident.

She was from 2017 to 2018 the treasurer of the Thomas Merton Society of Canada. [1]

Early life

She is the daughter of Flora Heylar and Charles Heylar and grandaughter of Alex Currie.

Marriage and family

She married Harrill Bjornson (1933-) on 24 November 1958. Her husband was a former reporter and editor at the Vancouver Sun. He was born in Iceland:

The aphorism is: “Every man likes the smell of his own farts.” I first heard it long ago from Harrill Bjornson, former reporter and editor at The Sun. Harrill’s family hails from Iceland, and he maintained, I think with some pride, that the aphorism was an old Icelandic saying.

— Pete McMartin, 24 June 2013, Vancouver Sun [2]

They had four children:

  • Lisa
  • Sean
  • Kitt
  • Lee


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