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Mary Ann Currie, with husband Ron, July 2016

Mary Ann Currie (nee Newman), born (1950-07-30) 30 July 1950 (age 73), is a retired divorce attorney from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Early life

She was born in Toronto on 30 July 1950 to Ruth and Bruce Newman, the youngest of three sisters.

Her best friend growing up was Judy Poirier.

Education and career

Mary Ann took Grade 9 in Guelph, Grades 10-12 at Don Mills C.I. in Toronto, and then part of Grade 13 in Guelph, before starting university early.

Mary Ann obtained an undergraduate degree in Home Economics at Guelph University. She started in April 1968, and did four semesters in two years, enabling her to finish her four-year degree in only three years. She graduated in May 1971, at age 20. She then went to Teacher's College.

At age 27, in September 1977, she moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario, and started teaching at Sir Winston Churchill High School. There she found in a colleague her future husband, Ron Currie.

By the end of two years she had had enough and in an anecdote made famous by its retelling on the radio, after a "jock" spat in the spaghetti she was teaching them how to make, she decided to go to law school.

At age 29, she started Law School at Western in September 1979. She did some part-time teaching at Ryerson to help pay her expenses during law school. She graduated after three years, the standard length of time, in Spring 1982, just prior to giving birth to her first child, Michael Currie, on 8 June 1982.

She retired in February 2021.

Marriage and family

Mary Ann married Ron Currie in August 1981. With him she had two children:

Michael and Carolyn's middle names are after their grandfather Bruce Newman and grandmother Edith Currie, respectively.


Mary Ann was an avid quilter from about 1990 to 2005. She won an award for her quilting in May 1999. [2]



Mary Ann, with her son Michael Currie, circa summer 1983. To her right is Ken Coulter, one of her mother's five brothers.


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