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File:Maeghan Tofinetti.jpg
Maeghan Tofinetti, circa 2020

Meaghan Tofinetti is a teacher at Fay Gleeson Dance Centre and former student of Amelia Jackson at the Dance Centre of Northwestern Ontario.

With husband Peter Tofinetti, as of 2020 she co-owns Fresh Air Experience, a sporting goods store.

She was partnered with Dr. Mario Nucci in the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation Dancing with the Docs fundraiser.

Biography on the English site

The one constant in Maeghan’s life has always been dance. Starting dance at age 5, she’s never stopped! She teaches for Fay Gleeson Dance Centre, which has been her dance family since she was 9. Maeghan loves to choreograph. She has won awards at local and international competitions. She believes in teaching her students the best technique possible to achieve their goals. Her love of choreography brought her to Giant Gymnastics competitive coaching team. As the dance coach, she helps to improve Performance and provides choreography for floor routines. Maeghan feels blessed to be part of two amazing teams for such strong, female run, local businesses. Outside of dance, Maeghan shares parenting of two fantastic girls with her husband Peter. The girls share a passion for gymnastics and one for dance, but together they enjoys snowboarding, cycling, and traveling. Maeghan is honoured to be a part of DWTD. She hopes you enjoy the dance she designed with partner, Dr. Nucci.

Biography on the French site

I've been dancing since the age of 5 and haven't stopped. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, I started dancing at Amelia Jackson, and as the years went on, danced my way through a variety of famous names: Ballet Theatre of Pennsylvania, University of Minnesota in jazz and ballet, and Nutcracker. I received numerous awards and accolades for my performances, and have a love of teaching. I currently choreograph for Giant Gymnastics.

My life revolves around my 2 daughters, who are following in my footsteps—one being a dancer, and the other a gymnast. When I'm not shuttling them from point A to B, I spend my time running, cycling, snowboarding, traveling, and cooking. My active and healthy lifestyle coincides perfectly with my business: Fresh Air.

Dance has honestly been my life. I can’t hear a song without choreographing a dance to it, and I hope you enjoy the one I choreographed with my partner, Dr. Nucci!