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Karen Furlich, 2 September 2018

Karen Mary Furlich (nee Newman) (born about 1965) is a nurse from Michigan.

Early life

Karen was born about 1965, the only child of Dorothy Falshaw and Gene Newman, who married late in life. Gene died in 1978 when Karen was only 13 years old.

Karen grew up in Spring Lake, Michigan, and attended Spring Lake High School.

Marriage and family

Karen went on to become a nurse. She married Tony Furlich, likely in about 1985. She had four children with Tony:

Karen's family as of 2018 makes their home in Cadillac, Michigan.

Karen Furlich with her family, 17 June 2018 Bottom row, from left: Karen's daughter Sam Furlich, Nick's wife Deidre Lentz Furlich, Karen Furlich, Karen's daughter Michelle Furlich Top row, from left: Karen's daughter Mara Furlich, Mara's husband Luke Bronczyk, Karen's son Nick Furlich, Karen's husband Tony Furlich