Mara Furlich

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Mara Furlich, circa 2019

Mara Furlich (born circa 1980s) is one of the four children of Karen Furlich.

She is married to Luke Bronczyk.


Since May 2019 she is a Graduate Student at Grand Valley State University, to obtain a Masters of Social Work.

The last 5 years of my professional career have been focused on developing my skills as a social worker and community activist and I have learned a lot about myself during that time. While traits such as empathy, creativity, and passion for social justice initially led me toward a career in social work, I was unaware of how quickly skills like grant management, project development, and supervision would come to me. I am a natural born leader and thrive in spaces that give me the opportunity to solve problems and be self-directed. I love working with team members and find the best solutions are often the result of many minds coming together. I hope to meet other motivated, young professionals and to make new connections to professional resources.

— Mara Furlich, LinkedIn profile, circa 2018 [1]


Her husband Luke's Facebook [2]

LinkedIn [3]