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Not to be confused with his second cousin, Ian Neil Currie

Currie, with his wife Kris, circa 2018

Ian John Currie, born (1974-10-25) 25 October 1974 (age 49), is an insurance professional and resident of Winnipeg.

Early life

Ian was born to Allan Currie and Jackie Gregory on 25 October 1974.

After his parents divorced in 1980, he continued to live with his mother and her new husband, which led to him moving to various towns in Manitoba until he moved back to Winnipeg after leaving home circa 1992.

He graduated from Red River Community College, likely around 1994.


He married Kristina "Kris" Staszkiewicz around 2000. Together they have two children:


He has been in the Insurance Industry since he graduated from Red River Community College.

From about 1994 he was with Aon Reed Stenhouse where he inspected businesses across Canada to confirm compliance with codes and their insurability risks.

In 2014 he moved to Wawanesa Insurance in Winnipeg, where he has set up a Loss Prevention Department, which they didn't have. As of 2018 there were small departments in all major cities across Canada reporting to him.

As of summer 2019, Ian took a new job with Aviva Insurance.


Allan Currie, email correspondence with Michael Currie, July 2018