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Grace Agnes Wilson (nee Currie) (1886 - 24 June 1983) was a woman born to John Currie and Mary Riddell. She was born in Almonte and presumably spent most of her life there, until moving to nearby Perth in old age.

On 17 July 1931, the Almonte Gazette reported that her brother Walter visited:

Mr. Walter Currie of Worcester, Mass., is visiting with his sisters, Mrs. Edward LeMaistre and Miss Grace Currie at present.

She married a man named Robert Wilson, sometime after this point, but before 1954 since that year her brother Walter's obituary lists her as "Grace Wilson". Since that places her marriage after the age of 45, and her obituary does not mention any offspring, alive or dead, it is likely she died without issue.

The Jack Currie family, including your Dad Ron Currie, stayed with her at her house in 1958 on a visit to Almonte.

— Bill Currie, email to Michael Currie, 23 October 2016

Prior to her death she was the last surviving of her siblings.




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