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Doctor Donald Hood, circa 2000

Doctor Donald Hood (born circa 1945) is a retired American-Canadian audiologist currently living in Halifax.

Early life

Dr Hood was born and raised in America and attended Northwestern University.


Dr Hood was an audiologist and the owner of Thunder Bay Audiology, located in Suite 200, above King's Stereo in Fort William, at 135 Syndicate Avenue North, with phone number +1 807 623 0322. This business existed from about 1985 to 2005.

From at least February 2001 to February 2005, the business had the following key staff:

As of 2022, Daniela Kralovec had married a Mr. Love and is practising audiology in California.

Donald's neighbour Ron Currie with an advertisement for Thunder Bay Audiology, circa 2006
Thunder Bay Audiology Logo, circa 2005

Marriage and children

He married Nancy Greenwald [1] in the 1970s and at some point for some reason, although she was from St. Louis and he was also American, they decided to move in 1978 to Thunder Bay, in Canada. They lived together on South Hill Street and had two children:

  • Arleigh Hood (born 2 August, circa 1978) [2], living in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Jeremy Hood (born circa 1980), married to Jaclyn Haber with two children [3], living in Woodbridge, Ontario

Dr Hood was divorced from Nancy in 1992, and Dr Hood remarried to another woman and moved to Halifax. He acts as stepfather to his second wife's children.

Relationship with Michael Currie

Dr Hood lived beside Michael Currie from Michael's birth until about 1993, when he divorced and moved away.

Dr Hood gave or sold Michael's father Ron Currie his first home computer as a hand-me-down, in about 1988, which had a 20-megabyte hard drive. Michael's habit of playing with the computer and causing problems led to Dr Hood coining the phrase "Pulling a Michael", which meant: unintentionally causing an unrecoverable error through curious use of the computer.

In July 2001 Michael Currie had dinner with Dr Hood and his new wife, and Jeremy Hood, at their home. That was the last time Currie saw or heard from Dr Hood.


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