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The building where Carmen's Barber Shop was located, at 565 Red River Road. Photo taken circa 2012.

Carmen's Barber Shop and Hairstyling (1982 - 2003) was a barber shop located in Mariday Park, at 565 Red River Road in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It was owned and operated by Italian-Canadian barber Carmen Groccia.

Carmen fittingly had a copy of The Wealthy Barber in his waiting area. [1]. Specialising in men's hair, at some point in the 1980s he also had a collection of vintage Playboy magazines for patrons to peruse before their haircuts.

The business existed since 1982. His business had two or three barbers' chairs, but Carmen was the only barber. He retired in 2003. [1] [2]

Carmen's business was in the same building as Thumbusters. [1]

Carmen's phone number was 807-344-1281. [2]

Prior to opening his own shop, from 1971 to 1982 Carmen worked at a shop owned by Edward Joseph "Ed" Blady (died 2000), [1] Nifty Clip on St. Paul Street, which was right next door to Hansen's Pool Hall. [8]

Carmen started barbering in Canada in 1957 at John Nicoli’s shop [in Port Arthur]. He then moved to Niagara Falls for 3 months. He came back and in 1958 barbered at Maurice’s Sport Store and Barbershop on Cumberland street. He then went to work for George Alexander’s barbershop on Cumberland Street from 1958-1970. In around 1971 till about 1982 he worked at Nifty Clip with Ed Blady on St. Paul Street. Then he opened his own shop in 1982 on Red River Road till his retirement in 2003. Then he had his barber chair at home and still continues to cut hair to this day for his old friends and family. He still cuts a gentleman’s hair to this day since 1958; his name is Peter Hogie.

— Daughter Joann Scott, 2020 [8]

Carmen's life

Carmen Groccia was born circa 1940 in Rovito, Province of Cosenza, Italy, to Pietro Angelo Groccia and his wife Maria (1911 - 1995). He had siblings: Frank, Mike, and Barbara. [3] [6]

In 1955, Carmen came to Canada and settled with his parents and siblings in Port Arthur, Ontario, (which became Thunder Bay in 1970). [3]

In June 1963 Carmen married Sandra Fiskar. [7] [2] They are still married as of 2020. They had three daughters:

Carmen's mother Maria died 7 March 1995. [4]

His best friend for many years was Francisco Cupello (1941 - 2017) [3]. [8]

As of the mid-2010s he resides at 3564 Government Road, or at 647 Thistle Crescent, in Thunder Bay, (807) 767-3591.


  • Stewart Earl Breiland (1940 - 2013) had his hair cut by Carmen from at least 1983 until Stewart's death in May 2013. "Condolence From: Carmen Groccia (Barber) Condolence: My deepest sympathy to your family. I will miss Stuart. I have been cutting his hair for over 30 years and he has become a good friend. He was a wonderful man. He will be greatly missed. Friday May 31, 2013" [5]


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