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Carmen Groccia, May 2020

Carmen Groccia (born circa 1940) is a retired Italian-Canadian barber who has plied his trade since 1957. He mostly retired in 2003 and closed his shop but he continues to cut hair for a select family and friends from his home in Thunder Bay. He owned and operated Carmen's Barber Shop in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, from 1982 to 2003.

He married Sandy Groccia in June 1963 and had children: - Joann, who married a Mr. Scott - Jeanie Boutilier

Grandchildren: - Emmie Oja -

"Ed Blady was my barber for many years as well as a neighbor and fisherman in McVicar Creek. When he kicked the bucket Carmen took over for a long time. . . . memories!!!" - Fred Erickson

Carmen moved to the Red River Road location in 1982. A barber was previously in that location until 1982. Bert Parkinson died in 1982. Bert's widow Muriel died in 2013:

Leo Berube: "Carmen was an awsome barber. I used to see him quite often when him and George Alexander were partners on Cumberland st in front of Cory's Pool Room in the 1960s. Back when my mom worked at the Metropolitan."

In about 1995 Carmen switched from the right to the left side of the building, because the chiropractor owner wanted that side to be able to access downstairs for his offices and the Watch Vendor moved to Court Street.

Carmen apprenticed at Ed's Barber Shop on St. Paul Street, next door to Hansens Pool Hall.

"Nifty Clips Next to Hanson Pool ūüéĪ Room on St Paul back in the 65 ish" - Ken Dahl

Carmen started barbering in Canada in 1957 at John Nicoli’s shop. He then moved to Niagara Falls for 3 months. He came back and in 1958 barbered at Maurice’s sport store and Barbershop on Cumberland street. He then went to work for George Alexander’s barbershop on Cumberland street from 1958-1970.

In around 1971 till about 1982 he worked at Nifty Clip with Ed Blady on St. Paul Street. Then he opened his own shop in 1982 on Red River road till his retirement in 2003. Then he had his barber chair at home and still continues to cut hair to this day for his old friend’s and family. He still cuts a gentleman’s hair to this day since 1958, his name is Peter Hogie.


Carmen is my dad and is still doing well and enjoying retirement. He will be thrilled to read all these comments. He misses his customers and talks about them often. I have enclosed a recent photo of him, he hasn’t changed much.

‚ÄĒ Joann Scott, Carmen's daughter, May 2020 [1]

Carmen is my grandfather. He is alive and very much enjoying retirement and his garden. Though he still has a little barber shop in his furnace room where he cuts his friends and family's hair. Very funny to see this post. I'll make sure he sees this post!

‚ÄĒ Ryan Scott, Carmen's grandson, May 2020 [1]

Carmen was best friends with Angela Cupello's late father and their late "third amigo", Casper.

His clients included:

  • Mikie Davis; Carmen was his first barber until 7 years old.
  • Mikie Davis' father, who went to Carmen until Carmen retired.
  • Bruno Menard: "Carmen has been my barber since 1982, a true gentleman whom I visit often. Miss our visits since this Covid crap, look forward to seeing him soon." - May 2020
  • Terry Davis: "My life long barber. I saw him for 40 years. He would even go to the hospital to cut your hair upon request, that's special for sure. He moved with Sandy to FW to be close to the Kids."


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