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William Brian "Brian" Anema (born 7 September 1945) was the first husband of Marilyn Hermiston.


Anema was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on 7 September 1945, son of Klaas Anema and Maria Elizabeth Strach. He apparently grew up in Headingly, Manitoba, Canada.

He worked as a carpenter, security guard and greenskeeper. (for some reason the source for this is apparently in Dutch, and it gives these as "Timmerman" and "Schilder")

On 10 December 1969 in Winnipeg, he married (and divorced in the year 1977 from) Marilyn Currie, laborante, born in Winnipeg on 6 May 1946, living there. (Marilyn married Doug Hermiston in 1981.)

From this marriage:

He was married in Winnipeg on 9 September 1989 to Edith Ruth Burlakow, a school teacher (in Dutch, "school teacher" is "onderwijzeres"), (born in Winnipeg on 5 June 1948, daughter of Timosej Burlakow and Ruth Brindel).