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Besides this website's eponym, Michael Bruce Currie, there are many other people with the name "Michael Currie" in the world.

Curries started to disperse in North America in the 19th century [1]

The origin of the Currie surname is apparently quite mysterious. [2]

Clan Currie was one of about 200 clans in Scotland.

"Michael" was the most popular first name in North America from 1954 to 1998. [3].

There are approximately 4.3 million people in America with the first name Michael. Extrapolating globally is difficult, but given that America represents 64% of the Anglosphere [4], we could estimate there are up to 10 million Michaels in the world.

Meanwhile, there are approximately 40,000 people with the last name "Currie" globally. (using a similar source for America [5] and extrapolation).

Thus it's likely there are about 500-1000 people globally with the name Michael Currie.

Given that Bruce is a name used by at most 0.3% of the people (which was the peak in the 1950s), it's possible there are about 3 people with the name Michael Bruce Currie - with enough uncertainty that it's quite possible this website's namesake is the only person in the world with that exact name.

Other people with the name "Michael Currie"

  • Second cousin Michael Allan Currie (born 1968). He is estranged from the family since 1986. He is the son of Allan Currie.
  • Actor Michael Currie (born Herman Christian Schwenk Jr.; July 24, 1928 – December 22, 2009) was an American actor who appeared in several films and on television. Born in Kingston, New York to Herman Christian Schwenk Senior and Mabel Lockwood; he began his career in 1964. [6]
  • Michael Currie, Professional photographer [7]
  • Michael Currie, Litigation associate at Strikeman Elliot [8]
  • Michael Currie, General manager at Steele Hyundai in Halifax [9]
  • J. Michael Currie, investment adviser in Toronto (for BMO, and now TD) He now heads the "Currie Group" [thecurriegroup.ca] [10]
  • Michael Bruce Curry, preacher at the Duke and Duchess of Kent's wedding [11]
  • Michael G. Currie, mobile equipment consulting [12]
  • Dr Michael Currie PhD is a psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist in private practice in Melbourne, where he works with adults, adolescents as well children and their families. [13] [14]
  • Michael Currie, head of direct sales at Formlabs [15]
  • Apparently there is a Michael Bruce Currie living at 16513 South Moccasin Path in Greenwood, Missouri 64034-9432 [16]. This is a rural farm address, set on what looks like a very attractive piece of land.
  • A councillor in the shire of Bruce Rock, Australia, is named Bruce Michael Currie or Michael Bruce Currie: [17]