Madelyn Currie

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Madelyn Currie, circa 2018

Madelyn Jade Currie (born 15 October 2003) is a Canadian girl living in Portage la Prairie, Canada.

Early life

Madelyn was born 15 October 2003 to Ian and Jasmine Currie in Portage la Prairie. Her first and middle names were chosen by her mother "because she liked how they sounded", and have no further significance.

She attends Portage Collegiate Institute, like her older brother Grady, and is set to graduate June 2021.

Madelyn is a "kind soul" according to her mother and is an animal enthusiast who wants to be a marine biologist.

As of March 2019 she works at Boston Pizza.


Conversation with Jasmine Currie and Michael Currie on 3 March 2019