Kenzie Speyside Estate

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The Kenzie Speyside Estate is a rural home and property on the Niagara Escarpment owned by Jim and Sandra Kenzie since the 1970s. They raised their four children there and continue to live there.

It is located in the former community of Speyside [1], Ontario. It is a rural house at 43°33'52.3"N 79°59'31.1"W.

The address is R.R. #3, #6105, Milton, Ontario, L9T 2X7.

Around 1990, they added a pool to the backyard.

The road the Kenzie house is on is the dividing line between Milton and Halton Hills. Speyside is just the intersection that used to be a little village. When we go home we say we’re going “to Speyside”, as if it’s the name of the house. Rural addresses are fun!

— Jim's eldest daughter Megan Kenzie, private Facebook group posting, August 2018 [2]
The estate, in the tiny former community of Speyside