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Ian Coulter, July 2017

Ian Donald Coulter (born 27 September 1933) is a retired Canadian elementary school principal and younger brother of Ruth Newman. He has 3 children and four grandchildren, all living as of 2018.

Early life

Ian was born 27 September 1933, the seventh and youngest child of the Reverend Joseph Coulter and his wife Williamina Bessie Coulter.

As a child he was apparently called "Don", such as in a letter from his brother Everett to his sister Ruth from 25 August 1943.

Marriage and family

Ian married Phyllis Audrey Skitch (born 12 January 1938) on 16 August 1958.

They have three children, born between 1961 and 1967:


Ian's children have yielded him four grandchildren, born between 1994 and 2005.

Stephen married Michele Susan Peach (born 9 September 1965) on 20 June 2004 - no issue.

Janis married Martin Anatole Karl Wille Neuland (born 7 March 1959) on 7 July 1990. They have two children:

David partnered with Leanne Catherine Baker (born 23 May 1972) since 2003. They have two children:


He was an elementary school teacher then elementary school principal.


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