Great Parsons Migration

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Parsons Harbour, Newfoundland

The Great Parsons Migration was the migration of many members of the Parsons family from Newfoundland to Port Arthur, Ontario.

Parsons is the most common surname found in Newfoundland cemeteries. [1]

The Parsons name has a history in Newfoundland dating back to 1676. [2]

From the book “Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland” by E. R. Seary. PARSONS, a surname of England and Ireland – the parson’s servant, or one who lived or worked at the parson’s (house); in Ireland also for Mac an Phearsain (MacPherson in Scotland). [3]

Many of them migrated to Port Arthur from 1890 until 1900 or so.

Some people who migrated include Richard Parsons, and several of his 12+ children: