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Anne "Annie" Snook (nee Parsons) (1870 - 4 February 1924) was a woman from Port-aux-Baques, Newfoundland.

Early life

She was born in Newfoundland to a "William Parsons" (according to Marilyn Hermiston) or a Richard Parsons (according to Bill Currie) of Newfoundland, and "Annie Cake" (according to Marilyn Hermiston) or Hannah Parsons (according to Bill Currie) from Fortune Bay, Newfoundland.

Marriage, migration and family

She married George Snook in Newfoundland after he impregnated her. They joined the Great Parsons Migration from Newfoundland to Port Arthur in about 1894.

She had four children, two who died in infancy and two, Anna Snook Jr. and George Snook Jr., who made it to adulthood. In addition to these four, she also adopted a daughter, Lillian Snook.


According to the News-Journal, she died in Port Arthur at age 52, on 4 February 1924. [1]


Mrs. George Snooks [sic]

Mrs. Snooks [sic], wife of George Snooks [sic], Sr., operator at the Current River Power House, died at noon today following a week's illness, at the age of fifty-two years. Mrs. Snooks [sic] had been a resident of Port Arthur for thirty years and resided at 230 Algoma street North. She is survived by her husband, one son George, 90 Ontario street, Port Arthur; one daughter, Mrs. A.C. Currie, at Oakbank, Manitoba and an adopted daughter, Lillian, in Winnipeg. The funeral arrangements are to be announced later.


Bill Currie

Marilyn Hermiston

Port Arthur Daily News-Chronicle, Port Arthur, Canada, 4 February 1924.