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The Chronicle-Journal is the newspaper of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Michael Currie's hometown.

Mariday Park founder J.J. Carrick's newspaper was one of the forerunners of the Chronicle-Journal:

  • 1906 - 1916 Port Arthur Daily News
  • 1916 - 1972 Port Arthur News-Chronicle (having merged with the Port Arthur Evening Chronicle (which itself followed the Port Arthur Chronicle)). After its merger with the Daily News in 1916, it was relocated in the Daily News building on Lorne Street.
  • 1972 - at least 2020 Chronicle-Journal, having merged with the Fort William Daily Times-Journal.

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From approximately 1993 to 1996, he was employed by them as a paperboy, along the South Hill Street route that also included his home.


The Thunder Bay public library system maintains archives of all its newspapers:

Correspondence from 7 May 2018:

Full newspapers dating back to the late 1800's are available only through microfilm. Unfortunately we do not offer copies of the actual newspapers online, only indexes. Here is a link to the newspaper indexes we provide online:

Also through that same link is the link to the database Northwestern Ontario History. We contribute to this database regularly.

We also have indexes only available "in house" at the Brodie Resource Library, as well as other collections pertaining to newspaper articles and local history.

Thank you,

Brodie Resource Library

  • Update: The Thunder Bay Public Library is committed to embracing change and innovation and continues to use new technology to transform the way in which we can improve access to our collections. For this reason we are going to be digitizing our newspapers on microfilm starting in 2018 and will experience temporary periods when specific reels are not available for use. Please feel free to contact us ahead of your visit so that we can try to make alternate arrangements for access. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition and we look forward to the increased level of service that will be made possible by this work.