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Thomas Robert "Tom" Newman is a child of Jack Newman.

Life and Family

In October 1978 Tom married Jo Holz. "Jo is an amazing person, currently serving as the President of our homeowner's association which represents about a thousand families. It's like being mayor of a small town. We moved to Philadelphia from Brooklyn a few years ago when she was offered a position as a visiting scholar in residence at the University of Pennsylvania." [1]

With Jo, Tom has one son, Michael Newman, born 1990. "Our son Michael lives in Seattle but will probably move to Tokyo in coming months. He summited Mount Rainier last summer and does a lot of lesser hiking and camping while climbing the corporate ladder at Amazon." [1]

In 2006 he lived in Brooklyn, New York. As of 2020 he lives at Society Hill Towers, a famous Philadelphia building complex designed by I.M. Pei.


Tom "never really retired, as [he is] the landlord of [his] Brooklyn house which we rent to foreign executives and their families doing a year or two in New York." [1]

Shortly before 2020, Tom started a "small video/multimedia production business specializing in commissioned personal and family histories. I am astonished the venture is still going." [1]


[1] Private correspondence with Tom Newman, September 2021.