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Dr. Jo Holz, 2021

Dr. Jo Holz is an academic and author based in Philadelphia.

Jo Holz was born in Germany and immigrated to America when she was four years old. [1]


In 2017 she wrote a book, Kids’ TV Grows Up: The Path from Howdy Doody to SpongeBob [1]. [1]

Holz began work on the book during her two years as a professional-in-residence at the Annenberg Public Policy Center, starting in July 2014. Holz was formerly head of research at Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) and has worked in market research for Nielsen, Oxygen Media, and NBC.

In January 2021 she was elected President of the Society Hill Towers Homeowners' Association.


She has been married to Tom Newman since 1979. [3]




[3] Private correspondence with Tom Newman, September 2021, and January 2022.