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Memo To Allan, Amir, Eddie, Gene, Jim, Jordi, Kathleen, Kylie, Marilyn and Patricia: In the month that I have been working at SilverCity, many guests have commented to me about their experience. I felt that their comments and concerns would be useful to you in making SilverCity Thunder Bay even more amazing than it already is.  “Get rid of those weird flashing, moving robots above the candy bar. They scare me.”  “It’s so BIG in here!”  “It’s too cold” - By far the most common concern  “It’s too loud” - The second most common concern  “Where’s the petting zoo?”  “Why does it smell like horses?”  “I can hear the doors cracking from my seat whenever anyone opens them. It’s annoying.”  “Cool carpet!”  “In the restrooms, why do some dryers use cold air and others warm? They should all use warm air.”  “My god, look at the size of that screen! Wow.”  “I just love the seats in here. They’re great!”  “AAA! Moths!” I’d also like to take this opportunity to relay some comments made by Players.  “What’s with all the 12:00 AM stuff on the showtime schedule? It’s confusing.”  “I really like working here.”  This one is of course the player’s fault: “The cleaning rooms should be equally stocked with brooms and butlers, it’s too hard to find stuff”  “The managers treat me better than at any other job I’ve had”  “We need more pens. People should stop stealing them.”  “I look forward to the Player’s Screenings. They’re not only fun, but they help build the team.”  “The north and south podiums need to be put on wheels, it’s very hard to move them. Also, a stool or chair would be nice, for sitting on when no one is around. It would still look professional but would give us weary floor players a break”

Michael Currie, 27 July 1999

05/1999-05/2001 (2 year contract expiring)

Patrizia MacMillan, General Manager, SilverCity (as of 2019)

Tannis Boire, Treasurer April 1999 - July 2000, then Assistant Operations Manager July 2000 - August 2002

3 October 2014 Shane Patrick Ashpanaquestcum (age 19 at the time) fatally stabbed Daniel Randall Levac (age 20), outside SilverCity. Shane was from Nibinamik First Nation (Summer Beaver) reserve. Daniel grew up at Sachigo Lake First Nation.

Fatal Stabbing at SilverCity  Daniel Levac  But Daniel’s time at DFC ended abruptly last fall, when he was fatally stabbed on the steps of the SilverCity cinema. A young man also from a remote northern reserve has been charged with second-degree murder.

Sachigo Lake in 'total shock' : Student who died in stabbing remembered fondly by chief Newspaper Chronicle-Journal, 7 Oct 2014, A1 Sachigo Lake First Nation ; students ; returned home ; Daniel Levac ; aged 20 ; death ; stabbing ; outside ; SilverCity theatre ; Thunder Bay ; funeral service ; Sachigo Lake

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