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Add more about Woolen Mill industry in Scotland:

From correspondence with Bill Currie:

[John Currie] is as far back as I've gotten in the Currie line although the census data shows his mother and siblings. I've tried to track down his mother's husband but you can imagine various possibilities (e.g. husband died (probably) or took off; unlikely his mother was not married as there are at least three kids; does raise some question though as to whether whether the family name came from her or him (again, probably)). My dad told me that John Currie's brother Walter also emigrated with John but went to Worcester, Mass. and had 7 daughters so would be hard to find any Currie relatives there. The earliest Scottish census was 1841 - I looked at various records but couldn't find John's family - I may try again sometime. Before that, there are only parish church records and they are spotty as apparently only people who were buried by the church and/or gave money are normally recorded. Something on my agenda to pursue more diligently at some point. Probably needs a trip to Scotland but I'm pretty sure I'll never undertake that mission. I may try to find records of ship arrivals though as Canada is now putting those on line (hopefully he and Walter came first to Canada and not the U.S.).

John Currie 1846 Alex Currie 1890 .. 44 Jack Currie 1915 .. 25 Ron Currie 1947 .. 32 Michael Currie 1982..35

Let's say 25. Estimated descendants of John Currie: 1900: 6 1925: 36 1950: 200 1975: 600 2000: 1200 2025: 2400