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Some time I will fill you in on the correct details of my Dad’s career. Here is a taste: He designed electrical meters, not clocks. And was transferred to Guelph in 1963/4 and again in 1967/8 to head up and manage a new department at the Guelph operation for Sangamo. He did work for Hydro in the same capacity for a couple of early years. I believe he was headhunted for that job. I expect he did not participate in the war because of his eyesight (bad - glasses from an early age) as well as being in University. He actually had two university degrees. He began at age 16 I am told. Attended Assumption College in Windsor - now University of Windsor for a general arts degree and then chemical engineering at U of T. Uncle Jack told me he was quite brilliant. He used to pace when he talked - sound familiar? I think he and you would have been kindred spirits.

- Mary Ann Currie, email to Michael Currie, 22 June 2019

Hi all Not sure about some of the dates. Will have to check. I believe he could not join military because of his eyesight. Don’t think he graduated from Victoria College. It was the Faculty of Engineering. They rented the flat on Gerrard St. Later ( date? ) they bought a house on Sutherland Ave in Leaside Ontario. I think they moved to Appleby Rd, Etobicoke, ON in July 1950 just before your mother was born. What do you think Mary Ann?

- Sandra Kenzie, 23 June 2019

From Megan Kenzie, 23 June 2019:

Here’s what I have for timeline of where Ruth and Bruce lived from 1942-1968

Ruth and Bruce

Toronto - 2040 Gerrard Street East - 1942

Toronto neighbourhood of Leaside - Sutherland Street - 1945

Etobicoke (Now part of Toronto, Former town of Islington) - Appleby Street -1950

Toronto neighbourhood of Don Mills - #9 Chelford Street 1955

Guelph (College St?) - 1963

Don Mills - Tan Valley Street - 1965?

Guelph (University St?)- 1967

Ruth - Don Mills - Donway Apartment - 1968

Ask Mary Ann about addresses and dates of when they moved back and forth from Guelph (because she was at school there).