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First a bit about myself. I was married twice. My first wife Jackie and I had 4 children. We divorced in 1980. I remarried in 1986 to Yvonne who had 3 girls, She passed away in 2003. Since then I have stayed a bachelor. I keep myself fairly active. I travel with my Shih Tzu, Brandi, and my trailer throughout Canada and the USA for 8-12 weeks every summer. During the winter I have 5 days of exercise classes: Zumba, Strength Training, Yoga, Cardio/Weights/Bands/Balance and Line Dancing. I'll be 75 on 12 July.

I graduated in 1966 with a BSC Electrical Engineering (Electronics). I was sponsored by the Canadian Armed Forces. After Grad I went through pilot training eventually winding up with NATO in Germany flying the CF104 aircraft for 2 years. I then went to Lubbock,Texas for 3 years as an instructor on the T-37 basic jet trainer. Next to Cold Lake, AB as an instructor on T-33 aircraft followed by the CF-5 aircraft as a Tactical Fighter Instructor. I then spent 2 years in Winnipeg as the Aide to the Base Commander, Base Information Officer and oversaw all the military students at Universities from Brandon to the Lakehead. Then I was transferred to Edmonton, AB to train on the C-130 Hercules transport. As my kids were in Winnipeg and I really didn't want to fly the Hercs, I retired after 20 years and returned to Winnipeg. After taking a Computer Tech Course at Red River CC I spent about 6 years in computer sales and service. In 1992 I moved to Bristol Aerospace who were overhauling the CF-5 aircraft that I had flown. This include a total rewiring of the plane. As the contract was winding down I jumped ship to Air Canada Technical Services in Winnipeg as an Avionics Technician overhauling the Airbus A319/320/321 aircraft. This included all aspects of electrical work from replacing light bulbs, installing new systems like the inflight entertainment and testing and solving problems with systems like the Flight Management Guidance. I retired from there at age 65.

My ex-wife Jackie remarried after our divorce and they move around around a lot in Manitoba with the kids. Once the kids left home they all settled down in Winnipeg.

1. June has never been married, She has a daughter, Desiree, by a former boyfriend, Steve Hunt.

    She has lived in Winnipeg most of the time. She is currently living with a partner, Tom Tekoning.
    She is a homemaker, but has a home business called Dragonfly Jewellery. She spent a number of years as a Health Care Aid.  
   Her daughter Desiree also worked as a Health Care Aide. She has 2 children by her partner, Mike Stefak who is from around Thunder Bay. They got together in Winnipeg
   and moved to Paisley, ON after he graduated from a Boilermaker Course. First she was a Homemaker. But after losing 140 pounds in 2 years, she became very active.         She is now a Professional Photographer, a Certified Aerobics Trainer and has a website where she posts totally healthy recipes. The family moved back to Winnipeg last

2. Michael's information is unknown. He was born in Germany, while I was there with the Canadian Forces as a pilot. He graduated Grade 12 in Winnipeg.

3. Ian has lived in Winnipeg all his married live.

   He has been in the Insurance Industry since he graduated from Red River Community College. First he was with Aon Reed Stenhouse where he inspected businesses
   across Canada to confirm compliance with codes and their insurability risks. 4 years ago he moved to Wawanesa Insurance in Winnipeg where he has set up a Loss
   Prevention Department, which they didn't have. Now there are small departments in all major cities across Canada reporting to him.

4. Jason has lived in Winnipeg for the past 5 years.

    He took a Radio Announcer Course shortly after Grade 12 and moved to Port Alberni, BC as a DJ with the local radio station. To supplement his income he worked as a
    chef at various restaurants. He had done some cooking at restaurants in Winnipeg. After a few years with the radio station he became bored and went into the 
    restaurant industry full time. 5 years ago he returned to Winnipeg to be close to family. He worked as the Head Chef at a number of restaurants. 2 years ago he quit his
    job with no plans to go back to cooking. He had no life, working 6 days a week and most evenings.  Within 2 weeks he got a job with Naylor Association Solutions selling       advertising in Trade Publications in Canada and the USA. He is enjoying it thoroughly and is doing very well.