Rosalind Foot

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Rosalind Foot (nee Cooke) (7 December 1926 - 8 October 2007) was the youngest daughter of John Cooke and his wife.

Early life

Rosalind was born 7 December 1926, over 8 years after her next-youngest sibling Lucy was born, and the youngest of all the 6 Cooke siblings.

Marriage and family

Rosalind married Dennis Foot (died 2012) and had one child:

  • Donald Lawrence "Don" Foot (born 9 October 1953, died on or slightly before 14 August 2019). Don married and had two children, Deanna (who married a David), and Douglas "Doug". He later divorced and was living on his own at the time of his death. His body was discovered 14 August but he may have died about two days prior to being discovered.

They also adopted one child: