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Marion Paularinne was a teacher at Pine Street School, but not a classroom teacher. She had a special small office on the second floor across from the principal's office.

She is the mother of three:

  • local thespian Rob Paularinne [1], as well as of
  • Sarah Marion L. Paularinne, whose middle name is presumably named after her.
  • A third child (name unknown).

Two of her children both a completed Masters of Education degree at Lakehead University, and both had similar dedications:

To my parents, Pentti and Marion Paularinne who instilled in me the importance and appreciation of education and taught me about commitment, perseverance and hard work. If it were not for the two of you my train may have fallen off the track. Finally to Mary Bortolin, whose continuous love, support and distraction were very important elements to keep me happy throughout a challenging endeavor.

— Robert P. J. Paularinne, M.Ed Thesis, Lakehead University, December 2007 [2] my parents, Pentti and Marion Paularinne, who instilled in me the importance of education and taught me about dedication, perseverance, and commitment. These invaluable life long traits, as well as your support, guided me through the ups and downs of this study. Finally, I would like to thank Mark Cemjul, whose continuous love, support, and advice I am always grateful for.

— Sarah Marion L. Paularinne, M.Ed Thesis, Lakehead University, May 2000 [3]

Marion celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband Pentti on 5 August 2019.

Her husband Pentti was named a Fellow of Lakehead University on 2 June 2018. [4]

Pentti Paularinne will be named Fellow of the University on Saturday, June 2 at 2 pm.

Paularinne graduated from Lakehead University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1968 and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in 1969. Pentti began his career at Lakehead as Admissions Officer in May 1969, moving up to Assistant Registrar Admissions in June 1975, Director of Continuing Education in May 1978 and Registrar in June 1979. He retired in August 2003 as University Registrar and Secretary of Senate. Among his most gratifying tasks was organizing Convocation ceremonies for 24 years.

Throughout his career, Pentti was motivated by his unwavering belief in the mission of Lakehead University and deep commitment to serving the needs of students. He influenced their lives, either directly, through one-on-one consultations, or indirectly, through the policies and procedures he instituted.

In 2002, Pentti was the first recipient of the Lakehead University Staff Award for Outstanding Performance. He marked the occasion by establishing the Paularinne Bursary.

Pentti’s record of community service is extensive, much of it linked to the well-being of Lakehead. He has served as a Director of the Canadian Suomi Foundation for 38 years (currently as President), which has raised over $500,000 to support the Chair in Finnish Studies at Lakehead and funds several student awards.

In 1996, the City of Thunder Bay presented Pentti with a Citizen of Exceptional Achievement Award.

During his career, Pentti served as President of the Ontario Registrars Association and Chair of the Ontario Universities Application Centre Advisory Group.

Pentti and his wife Marion reside in Thunder Bay. They have three children and five grandchildren.

— Lakehead University Press Release, June 2018 [5]


Rob Paularinne private Facebook conversation with Michael Currie, 7 August 2019