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Marjorie Eleanor "Marge" Bartsch (nee Cooke), born (1939-04-23) 23 April 1939 (age 83), is a woman, daughter of Ernie Cooke and sister of Cookie Cooke.

Early life

When young, Marge lived in Fort Garry. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Jack lived one street over.

Marge's father Ernie Cooke at the time was Superintendent of the CN car shops in Fort Rouge.

Marge would play with Ron Currie when he was a baby and Ron stayed at our home for a short time when Lucy was recovering from surgery. Ron Currie also stayed with Marge when she lived in San Francisco and again when Marge lived in LA.

Lucy and Jack also stayed with Marge in San Francisco for a few days and Marge saw them again in Newfoundland when they were there when Ted Cooke married Denise.


  • 1939 born in Fort Garry, Manitoba. "When we all lived in Winnipeg all the cousins were quite close with lots of family gatherings, sing songs, and dinners, then everyone began moving from Wpg and we did tend to lose track. No emails, just letters. cost of long distant calling was very expensive. It was just a different time."
  • 1952 moved to Toronto
  • 1950s, 60s, or 70s? moved to San Francisco
  • Circa 1976 worked at the Stanford Children's Hospital in San Francisco
  • 1976 Married Lynn Bartsch
  • 1977 - 1992 - lived in Los Angeles
  • 1992 - at least 2020 - live in Denver, Colorado


Marge has two sons, both of whom live in Denver as of 2020:

  • John (born December 1978). As of 2020 John works for Key Private Bank and does Wealth Management. He is married with three children: twins Ayden and Addison (born circa 2015) and Emily (born circa 2017) [1] [2]
  • Carson (born December 1981). As of 2020 Carson owns his own Paint Company. He is married with no children.


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