David Telles-Langdon

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David Telles-Langdon, circa 2018

Doctor David Telles-Langdon is a Canadian academic living in Winnipeg.

Marriages and family

Telles-Langdon has one child from a previous marriage:

In about 1997, he remarried, to Sharlene Hermiston. He has two children with her:


In 2011, he received a PhD in Educational Studies from Western University.

As of 2019 Telles-Langdon is Associate Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Health, at University of Winnipeg.

My research interests encompass a variety of areas related to the impact of coaching, and coach education on youth sports experiences as well as competency-based education, a popular approach to professional preparation that refers to the systematic incorporation of practice-based assessment and evaluation. I served on the Advisory Panel on Healthy Children and Youth to Canada’s Federal Minister of Health and on the Advisory Panel on Children’s Fitness Tax Credit to the Federal Minister of Finance.

— David Telles-Langdon, autobiography at "theconversation.com" [1]