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Christina Currie (circa 1813 - ?) was a Scottish woman who was the mother of John Currie, the bearer of the Currie name in North America.

Early life

She was born around 1813. Her sister Mary was born in 1827.

Marriage and family

She had a daughter, Irene, around 1833, so she likely married before this, possibly in 1831 or 1832.

She had a son, Walter, around 1838.

1841 UK Census

In 1841, she is working in a woolen factory, and living with her 3-year-old son Walter, and another person with the last name Currie, between the ages of 30 and 35, who is a bricklayer (?). The 1841 census does not specify relations between members of the household, so we are left to assume that this is her sister.

She had another son, John, in 1846.

1851 UK Census

By 1851, she was widowed or otherwise living without a husband. She worked on woolen garments for a living, as did her two adult daughters and older son. She was living with:

  • Her sister Mary, age 24
  • Her daughter Irene, age 18
  • Her son Walter, at age 13 already working as a wool assistant
  • Her son John, age 5.
  • A boarder called James Irving

Later life

She does not appear in the 1861 UK census, so she may have died early, before the age of 48, leaving her children orphans.

In 1865, her son John married, and in 1883, moved to Almonte, Canada.


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