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Questions from Michael Currie, 11 August 2019:

1. Why was no obituary run for her? Because she had no surviving friends and so only immediate family would care?

2. What are the exact addresses of the places she lives (house numbers, etc)

3. Was her boarding on Milverton Avenue, which had the same name as the town where her father was born, just a coincidence?

4. How sudden was Bruce's death? I remember Lynn saying he was admitted to the hospital and died in hospital, so it must not have been totally sudden. How long was he sick for? And what, exactly, was his cause of death?

5. Did Bruce or Ruth ever smoke? Did any of their siblings? Why or why not?

6. What is the name and relation of the lady Ruth inherited from? According to Mary Ann: Lady who Grandma inherited a lot of money from: Katherine McCormick (daughter or granddaughter of first wife of that man who had two wives) According to Megan: "And McCormick (maybe where a large inheritance came from to Ruth Newman in the late 1990s) is the maiden name of Ruth’s maternal grandmother; Williamina Bessie McNaughton’s mother was Mary McCormick."

7. What is the name and relation of Ruth's relatives who lived to be over 100?

According to Mary Ann: Those relatives of Grandma who lived to be over 100:

Grandma's first cousins (either) -> Joseph OR Williamina's side, not sure

Grandma Ruth's Uncle Dick's (Joseph Coulter's brother) children were Scott, somebody, somebody.

Farmers near Stratford, in Milverton (north of stratford, mennonite area), there is a farm (the family farm), grandma stopped us, she remembered the tree in the yard, it had a swing on it

8. Why did Ruth have Nortel stock? (I remember she did)

9. What were her finances? What insurance policy did she have in 1968, what was her income, and what assets did she have in old age, and at death?

10. When did Grandma's hair go white? It was already white when she was about 64 it appears.

11. Which church did Joseph Coulter minister to?

12. What are Elaine and Ian's memories of Ruth as a young woman? Any anecdotes?

13. What churches did Grandma attend, like what were their addresses?

14. Did grandma ever travel outside of Canada and Pittsburgh? Did she ever go to Hawaii to visit Jack, for instance?

15. How many times did grandma actually use an airplane? More than one, I believe, after the train service shut down.

16. What was the name of her employer in the 1970s? Are there any photos of Grandma dressed for work and/or working?

17. What was the make and model of the cars she drove, and from when to when did she drive them? Especially the last one.

18. Apparently Ruth summered in Sarnia in 1943, at a family cottage? Was there a family cottage?

Add transcripts of wartime letters:

Videos of Charlotte and Ruth

Circa April 2013.