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Dance studio model:

IDEA: Make a table where each row is a dance "season" in Thunder Bay. You can have columns for notable events, number of studios open, etc. 6 seasons were special during WWII. To give a sense of scale. Or perhaps show the studios as a Gantt chart to showcase the endurance of some of the studios.

There are currently 7 "elite" dance studios in Thunder Bay, who teach children and teenagers at an elite level with the potential to take them to the heights of professional dancing internationally.

  1. Art in Motion
  2. Legacy Dance
  3. Spirit of Dance
  4. Studio One Dance (Horn)
  5. International Dance Academy (Horn / Goodings)
  6. Fay Gleeson (Horn)
  7. Dance Dynamics (Markall)

(Rank them by number of students)

Historically, from the 1960s, a quartet of ladies led the charge for dance in Thunder Bay:

  • Sylvia Horn (died 2005)
  • Betty Goodings (moved away 1975, died 1993)
  • Amelia Jackson (1904 - 1990)
  • Ethel Markall (died ??)

Sylvia and Amelia: Similarities and Contrasts

I suspect these two ladies were rivals.

  • Sylvia 1914 - 2005 (91)
  • Amelia 1904 - 1990 (86)
  • Both pioneered serious dance instruction for children, dance performances, in Thunder Bay
  • Both were active from at least 1935
  • Both spent their whole lives in Thunder Bay except for a few years for training.
  • Sylvia attended St. Michael & All Angels Anglican Church, in Port Arthur
  • Amelia attended St. Patrick's Cathedral, in Fort William
  • Sylvia was a member of "Thunder Bay Society of Ballet and Dance"
  • Amelia was a member of "Northwestern Ontario Ballet Guild"
  • Sylvia taught 3 dancers who now run schools
  • Amelia ran events at venues Selkirk High School.
  • Sylvia ran large dance revues at Fort William Gardens like the Chapples Santa Claus events each year in the 1960s.
  • Amelia's school kept running for 10+ years after her death but now she has no direct legacy in Thunder Bay
  • Sylvia has a scholarship at Lakehead Festival of Dance
  • Amelia does not