Shannon Young

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Shannon Young is as of 2016 president of the Thunder Bay Society of Ballet and Dance.

Shannon was born to John Young, and his wife Barbara.

John Young's stepmother was none other than famous Thunder Bay tap dancer Sylvia Horn.

Miss Sylvia never had a child of her own.

Miss Sylvia's second husband had a child, John Young, who married a Barbara and had two daughters: Shannon Young and Jennifer Young.

Shannon Young, president of the Thunder Bay Society of Ballet and Dance, started me off on my journey to learn more about dance in Thunder Bay. To begin with, Shannon’s step grandmother was Sylvia Horn, a name that many of us remember fondly as we recall our own days of learning tap, baton twirling, ballet and participating in the Santa Claus Show at the Fort William Gardens. Shannon was a baton twirler for a number of years, and she has continued her involvement in dance through participating as a parent of a dancing daughter and as a volunteer. Shannon noted that, “Dance is a lifestyle”, and that statement was often repeated as I interviewed the dancers for this article.

— Dancing in the Bay, Bayview Magazine, September 2016, [1]