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International Dance Academy is a leading elite dance studio in Thunder Bay, Ontario, founded and run by Laura Pascolo-McRury.

[My teacher Sylvia Horn] was [the dominant figure in Thunder Bay dance in my youth]. I only participated in [two] [of her Chapples] Santa Claus shows. My first show I was a North Pole person just wondering about the ice. The last show and my first I was an Eskimo. I have always had a hunger to give my students the very best so to this date I am always dedicating myself to further education and certification so they receive the most comprehensive training possible. Many of my students have gone on to teacher or form their own studios plus dance professionally. Abigail Sheppard, a IDA pupil, is now a Principal Soloist with the Finnish National Ballet. In fact they created a new ballet Pippi Longstocking with Abby as the star.

— Laura Pascolo-McRury, March 2020 (private conversation with Michael Currie by Facebook Messenger)