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James Alexander Crozier "Alex" Carrick (3 December 1908 - 19 July 1943), was the youngest of three sons of J.J. Carrick.

In school at the University of Toronto, Alex was a football star, and later with the Argonauts.

"Alex" Carrick. — He has shown that, like his brothers, you can't keep a Carrick off a football team. A good tackler and dived at his man with great ferocity. He played flying-wing, and we all hope that he will be with us next year.

— St. Andrews College Review, 1925. [1]

Early life

Alex was likely born in Port Arthur, and was raised there until 1917 when his father moved his family to Toronto as the Great War was ending. Alex attended St. Andrews College (SAC) in Aurora, Ontario until 1926. He then attended the University of Toronto, graduating presumably around 1930.

Marriage and family

Alex married Mercie Evelyn Moore (4 August 1910 - 13 March 2009) on 16 September 1933 [2].

They had two children:

  • Judith "Judy" (1935 - 2004) who married a Mr. Wilson and a Mr. Ryder.
  • John Jay (1938 - 2004), founder of Miller McAsphalt Group.

He died when these children were just 5 and 8 years old, so they grew up knowing a different father: Mercie's second husband, Dr. Bay Vernier, who died in 1960.


Alex was a "well-known stock broker" at age 31, as of 1939, living on Glencairn Ave, Toronto. This information was published as part of an article on a head-on collision he was a driver on 1 June 1939. On 2 June a charge of criminal negligence was laid against Alex for causing the accident, according to the Windsor Daily Star.


At age 35, while serving in England in the Army, he had an accident "sustained when thrown off his motorcycle" on 19 July 1943, which led to "circulatory and respiratory failure following severe injury to the brain." He died and was buried in Surrey, England. [3]

Lieutenant Alexander Crozier Carrick will be remembered by all the boys who attended St. Andrew's between 1917 and 1926. He was the younger brother of Major Donald D. Carrick, now overseas with the R.C.A., and of John A. Carrick of Chicago, both of whom had a large part in the life of St. Andrew's in the early twenties. Lieutenant Alex. Carrick, like his famous brothers, was a successful athlete. At the time of his death he was engaged in night convoy duties in England and was the victim of a motor vehicle accident. A very strong bond bound the three brothers together during their school days: to his brothers, parents and his widow, the Review extends sincere sympathy.

— Saint Andrews College Review 1943, page 95

Lt. A. Carrick Fatally Hurt. Tank Corps Officer is Killed in England. Word of the death of their son, Lieut. Alexander Crozier Carrick, was received yesterday by Col. and Mrs. J.J. Carrick, 49 St. Andrew's Gardens. Earlier, they had been notified that the young officer and former outstanding athlete was dangerously ill of multiple injuries suffered in a motor cycle accident. A member of the Tank Corps, he recently wrote his family that he was engaged in night convoy duties in England. Born in Port Arthur in 1908, he attended St. Andrew's College, University of Toronto Schools, and the University of Toronto. He played hockey and football for Varsity and was also on the Argonauts' football team. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Mercie Moore Carrick, and two children, Judith and John; his parents and two brothers; John A. Carrick, Chicago; Major Donald D. Carrick, overseas with the R.C.A.; Col. Carrick, father of the dead officer, served in the last war.

— Globe and Mail, 20 July 1943, page 5

Lieut. Alex Carrick Dies of Injuries

By Canadian Press TORONTO, July 20.—Member of a well-known family of athletes, Lieut. Alexander Crozier Carrick, 35, has died overseas. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Carrick, received word of his death yesterday after having been notified earlier that he was dangerously ill of multiple injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

[extra section added by Port Arthur News Chronicle editors:]

Lieut. Carrick, who was born in Port Arthur, played hockey and football with University of Toronto teams and also played football with Toronto Argonauts.

Lieut. Alex Carrick was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Carrick, former Port Arthur residents now living in Toronto. His earlier education was secured at St. James and Central Schools. He was about 12 when the family left here.

His father is a former mayor of Port Arthur and a member of Parliament for this riding.

Besides his parents, he is survived by two older brothers, Donald and Jack. Donald is also believed by friends here to be overseas with the armed forces.

— Canadian Press, shown in Port Arthur News-Chronicle, 20 July 1943, page 1